It’s Just Us and Some Sea Life Here

Day 36, Grand World Voyage 2020

Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020; Scenic Cruising Chilean Fjords

I don’t usually write a blog on sea days, but we have been sailing through some incredible scenery as we work our way north from Cape Horn in South America. We alternate between sailing off the coast and through the islands that line the coast of Chile. Except for a few fish farms as we near Puerto Montt, we’ve seen virtually no signs of civilization. But we see lots of snowy peaks.

The exception is sea life. It’s hard to get decent pictures, but we see the sprays of whales, and sometimes their tails. The occasional sea lions pop up to check us out. Birds circle the ship constantly.

We went to Caneletto, the specialty Italian restaurant, as guests of our travel agency last night. The food was excellent as was the company at our table. We talked about any gossip from the ship, but no one had much to share.

We hear that the Westerdam is sailing around the Pacific trying to find a place to dock. It picked up passengers early this month in Hong Kong, where there is concern about the spread of the novel coronavirus. We wonder whether we will be able to stop in Singapore, but there’s no sense in worrying about it.

For now, we continue to sail north, seeming to be the only people in our little world.