Cruising through Prince Christian Sund

  • Day 10, Voyage of the Vikings 2019
  • Thursday, Aug. 8, Cruising Prince Christian Sund, Greenland

Wow! We were blessed with a beautiful day of cruising today through the Prince Christian Sund (or sound) in southern Greenland. The waterway and fjord system separates the main island of Greenland from the small islands of the Cape Farewell Archipelago. It connects the Denmark Strait with the Davis Strait.

Light winds and mostly sunny skies lasted the entire day as we slowly cruised the 62-mile long seaway. We paused to admire three glaciers, at one time turning into it and rotating 540 degrees so everyone on the ship would have a long view. Our port expert narrated the voyage, telling us about the glaciers, animals and sea life, native people and history.

Along the way, we saw a small village (some villagers came out to see the ship), one seal (on an ice flow, below) and the Seabourn Quest traveling in the opposite direction.

This was a day to see rather than describe, so I’m just going to post photos. We spent much of the day in the Crow’s Nest, running out to the forward deck just below for photo opportunities. Eloise caught Santa on the bow. I sketched one view and spent the afternoon painting it.