More of This, Less of That

As you might have read on my Oct. 10 post from my 2017 Grand Asia cruise, “There’s No Prize for Packing Light,” I took one large suitcase, two medium, a carry-on and a backpack. I returned home with an additional carry-on, a gift from Holland America.

Here is a brief recap of what I took:

  • Tops: 15 casual 3 long-sleeved), 6 dressy including 2 dressy jackets.
  • Slacks: 4 casual, 2 dressy, 5 shorts
  • Skirts: 3 casual, 3 dressy
  • Dress: 1 casual
  • Outerwear: 2 sweaters, hoodie, windbreaker, all-weather jacket
  • Shoes: 4 sandals, 2 dressy wedges, 3 casual
  • Scarves, jewelry, small bags for evening (1 casual, 1 dressy), 2 hats
  • Electronics: laptop, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, camera, batteries, memory cards, external drive, power strip, extension cord
  • Toiletries, makeup, medications
  • Other: Zip-Locks, protein bars, scissors, post-its, sketchpad and pencils, Costco card and car insurance card (to possibly rent a car in Hawaii), flashlight, canvas book bag, etc.

I looked back and found that I had officially declared I was tired of my cool-weather clothes on Oct. 26. Perhaps three tops were too few.

Otherwise, I could have taken fewer dressy items. We had 10 gala nights, spread out over 80 evenings, and three outfits would have been plenty. I don’t mind repeating. I didn’t wear one sweater at all, as it didn’t really fit in with my wardrobe. But by and large, the clothes were about right for me.

There wasn’t much else that I wished I had taken. I should have taken a pair of jeans, but it was hot in Dallas when I packed so I rejected the idea. My hiking stick would have been handy for some of the rough terrain such as the Great Wall, and because it telescopes I could have packed it easily.

I didn’t use my Kindle. It’s better than my iPad in the sunlight, but I didn’t find myself reading in the sunlight.

I took an assortment of over-the-counter medicines, and fortunately didn’t need them. But I wouldn’t travel without Imodium, cold and cough medications, moleskin for blisters, Band-Aids and pain relievers. Your list may vary.

Are there items you wish you had taken on a cruise? Or things you didn’t need at all? If so, please share in the comments. I know there are people planning for the 2018 Grand Asia cruise who are interested.