What To Do with All Those Pictures? Part 1

I came home from the 80-day Grand Asia cruise with 6.224 photographs. I doubt anyone wants to come over to watch my slideshow.

The downfall of digital photographs is that there is little reason to restrain from taking so many. I find I’m hoping that one will be that perfect “National Geographic” shot. So I keep clicking. Thus I have lots of duplicates and need to pick the best one. Others just don’t tell the story. Without culling them down into a reasonable number (whatever that is), they’re just digital files on my hard drive that won’t see the light of day.

When I got home, I quickly pulled together a handful from each port that I thought best represented the trip – about 100 photos. During the holidays I forced family members to sit and watch me scroll through them on a big TV screen. Family indulged me for about 15 minutes, but I think that is the limit. One sister admitted to not even reading my daily blog, saying it was too much and asked about the executive summary. I’m sure I have reacted similarly to reports of my friends’ travels.

My plan is to eventually put together a photo book (it might take two volumes). I’ve done this for previous cruises and I later enjoy looking through them.

Some fellow cruisers from the 2017 Grand Asia cruise are much further along in this process. Ada already has created her two volumes on Blurb.com. She said I could share the links (click on the full-screen icon to see them full size):



Michael and Cheri shot video in addition to photos, and he has put together YouTube videos of several segments of the cruise. Cheri shares them as Michael completes each one, and as I write this, they have seven videos completed. This link should list them all once they are posted:


I’ve really enjoyed looking at both of these photo and video representations of our cruise. Putting together an online book or a YouTube video or slide show is a great way to share with others.

It usually takes me months to create my photo book. Life happens. Sometimes putting together a book from a previous trip is a sea-day project on a cruise. At first the project can seem overwhelming with thousands of photos. But there are ways to organize. I’ll write next time about my strategies. If you have idea, or links to photos or videos from the Grand Asia cruise to share, please let me know in the comments.