Entertainment and Art Display

Day 76, Grand Asia 2017

Friday, Dec. 15, 2017 – At Sea

Holland America is keeping us busy on these last five sea days of our cruise. I’ve had invitations on my door nearly every time I return to the stateroom. In the next few days I’m invited to a Mariners reception, a Mariners lunch and a travel agency reception.

Today the Indonesian crew entertained us in what is typically one of the most popular events of a Holland America cruise. Usually their show is late at night, after the 10 p.m. regular entertainment. Today it was mid afternoon, and the theater was almost full 20 minutes early. By the time the show started, it was standing room only.

The Indonesian crew treated us to solos, a wonderful Bird of Paradise dance, the monkey skit (I’ve seen versions many times), an intricate group riff on “patty-cake” and a final percussion piece with the entire crew. In two days, the Filipino crew will have its show.

img_2458Tonight’s guest entertainment — Abba Fab – delivered one of my favorite performances of the 80-day cruise. I had met the two male members of the Abba tribute group — Terry and Scotty — while surfing the Internet in Starbucks in Honolulu. On stage, Scotty daringly sported a glitter “onesie” with platform shoes, made easier I’m guessing by donning a Bjorn-style wig. My row in the balcony “partied like it’s 1979.” I don’t know how others managed to sit sedately and listen. I found it hard to stay seated for some of my favorite Abba songs. (Although I do wonder how much longer “Does You Mother Know” will stay in favor given the current climate.)

My day’s highlight was the cruise director’s Coffee Chat this morning, featuring our watercolor instructor Jack. Many of us displayed samples of our best work, and it was fun getting positive feedback. During Jack’s presentation he showed a slide of his painting of Dravuni Island children and me. He said he thought it was one of his best works on the cruise, and I’ll be proud to bring it home.

The talk around the ship is turning to holiday plans. One group of passengers will stay aboard for the 15-day holiday cruise through the Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale. The ship hosted a reception for them in the Crow’s Nest this evening.

The rest of us dread packing – some people have started already. I keep putting it off. Maybe I’ll pack one bag tomorrow.