Things I Haven’t Done on This Cruise

If you want to be busy every minute of the day, even on days at sea, you can easily fill your time. As readers of my Dear Cruise Diary reports know, I manage to stay busy. And yet I don’t participate in many of the planned activities. Just not my style, I guess. I came with my own to-do list.

Here is just a sampling of things I haven’t done during my 30 days on the Mariner of the Seas:

  • Climbed the rock wall
Rock Climbing Wall
Rock Climbing Wall
  • Played bingo
  • Taken yoga, spinning or boot camp classes (charges apply)
  • Played table games in the casino
  • Skated on the inline skating track
In-line Skating Track
In-line Skating Track
  • Eaten ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s (charges apply)
  • Swam in the pools
  • Taken a dance class (ballroom, cha cha, salsa)
  • Ordered the Drink of the Day
  • Attended lectures on antiques
  • Played miniature golf
Miniature Golf
Miniature Golf
  • Eaten at specialty restaurants Chops Grille or Giovanni’s Table (charges apply)
  • Relaxed in the sauna (reports are it’s exceedingly hot)
  • Tried out for the guest talent show or guest choir
  • Laid in the sun
  • Gone ice-skating on the ship’s rink
  • Borrowed a book from the library
  • Attended a movie in the theater (terrible selection imho)
  • Had a massage or facial (mega charges apply)
  • Looked for my photo in the ship’s photo gallery (charges apply to purchase)
  • Bought anything in the ship’s shops that cost more than $10
  • Attended a bridge class
  • Been kidnapped by Somali pirates (put in to see if you are paying attention)
  • Attended an art auction
  • Taken a language class (Portuguese, Spanish or Chinese offered)
  • Played Nintendo Wii
  • Sang karaoke
  • Attended a port lecture

After looking over this list, I wonder what exactly I have done. I’m probably one of the few passengers working while cruising, so assignments have taken a few hours on most days. I’m not complaining—if I couldn’t work, I wouldn’t be here at all.

Working on the Promenade
Working on the Promenade

I never knew writing a blog could take so much time, even for someone who writes for a living and likes to think I write pretty fast. Catching up on two or three busy days sometimes took the majority of the following day.

I’ve also read three or four books, made some great friends, climbed at least 600 flights of stairs (sadly, it hasn’t gotten much easier), completed a long-delayed photo book from a previous cruise and started one for this cruise, and of course seen some remarkable sights, such as the Great Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, the Suez Canal and Petra.

I also haven’t had to prepare one meal, wash one dish or make my bed once. All in all a great vacation, I’d say!